Feed Your Mind With Success




Why do we need motivation every day to get ourself boosted

We require inspiration ordinary to get ourselves helped in light of the fact that we are not exceptionally sufficiently energetic towards our work, we are not sufficiently inquisitive to work viable, with the goal that we can do our work effectively in less time by applying 80/20 standard.

How we look into something is the way by which we do that specific task. Before we start with any topic we feel that what we are doing cannot be done by us it is impossible for us, we are afraid of the problems before being started. We always demand from God to be happy, we want that no problem occurs in our life and we lead a happy life. We need to admit it that all of us have demanded the same from our God, this depicts our weakness, this symbolizes that we are weak enough to face our problems. Have you ever seen a successful man with no difficulties of problems in his\her life, NO we did not because there is no such person leading a good life without any difficulty.

What we need to demand is the power by which we can face these difficulties, we need to demand is the courage, the potential to face our problems. We need not be tensed while looking into the problems but we need to demand more problems but with all those problems and difficulties we need to demand for the courage to fight against those learning lessons i.e. problems. Here the word learning symbolizes problems which teaches us a good lesson for whole of our life

We need motivation because we are not particular to our work, we don’t have a reason to work for. A poor person has a reason to work he need to earn money for his family, he wishes that his family will also grow with the efforts of now on contrary with us we do not have any particulars because our families are providing us with their best they are providing us with all the facilities they can then why do we scramble for the things we needed. If we don’t have a reason to grow then we need to find a reason by yourself that why should we do this, we need to do the same because our family will not support us for our whole life our parents have provided us facilities and now it is the time that we need to help us as well. We need to glance at the efforts done by our parents for making us happier and it is the time we need to do efforts and make them happier as well. I think that this session goes some emotional but if these emotions help you finding your best then it will be good.

The time I say I will do it don’t know how don’t know why but I will this will be the only time I do it, this will be the only time I do not need to have any motivation. Motivation makes us strong towards our goals for a very short duration but we need to make yourself motivated by encouraging ourself and saying “I can and I will”.