Feed Your Mind With Success





Time is not a quantity measures on a clock. It is the precious thing in our life which decides what we are and what we are going to be in future. Time is the precious thing we have to magic, but the sad reality is that we waste it. We don’t understand its importance and let it go. One who came in this world will have to go. No one knows when but a time will come when we need to go.

So can’t we fulfill all our desires and goals in this one period of time? We by our heart want to achieve all our goals but the thing being is that we want to perform it later on. We give a commitment that we will do it later on and this later time will never come until the end.

 So why we do not take this time seriously and devote this time in fulfilling our goals, our dreams towards success. Time keeps on passing it is reducing in every interval. We cannot purchase this time we cannot even create it or cannot have it on lease. We think that we have a lot of time to fulfill our dreams but we don’t understand that time keeps on moving. We all want to be like a diamond but don’t know how a diamond is made you know it is made up of a lot of compressions we all want to be like one of the diamond but did not want to go under compressions, do not want to face any problem. We are afraid what do we do when problem arises in front of us; we are afraid if we fail what people and society will say.

We can earn money, we can also earn reputation but we cannot earn this precious time what we have wasted. So kindly stop wasting time understand its importance by your own. We all have a wrist watch in our hand and our mobile phone in our pocket as well from where we can glance at time, you know what happen with that clock in our hand we just glance the time, time wasted by us. We all have heard that time act as a heel for every wound, but it can also give you wound, wound for not doing anything, for committing same mistakes again and again, by not learning from your mistakes. In this world nothing is precious than time, it has its own importance.

I ask you how small is your dream which let you waste your time, let you sleep for the whole night and would not wake you early in the morning. How small and rubbish dream you carry along with you. If you really have a dream then stop wasting time and devote it towards your goals.  We need to work for our goals from today onwards because afterwards we can only regret and at that time no regret will work. We do only regret that why do we do it, why we did not learn from our mistakes but at that time we need not to regret because the time has already gone. We cannot recognize the perfect time for our work to be done. But you know time will give you an opportunity by giving you more chance as we say that the time you awake will be the perfect time to start. So let’s bring out a change in yourself and make impossible possible.