Feed Your Mind With Success





What is the education system for? Is it so that the kids have fun? Learning is interactive, lectures are interesting, learning is practical and involves being creative is this how our education system is? NO. How is it? These are the books mug them up. Don’t like? Doesn’t matter Mug up well. Why mug up? After mugging up, you have to write it in the exams. Why write? So that you score well in the exams. What happens when you score well? You will get admission in a college. What happens in college? You have to repeat the same again for next 4 years in college. Then you will get a job. From job, you will earn money. And money will make you successful.

This profession has more scope, you do it. Forget your interests. If it is making you money, then just do any kind of work. You get into that college, at least you will make money and life will be set. What do you mean by set? Open your eyes and look closely. Those people who have walked this path and finally reached there get a job, but there you don’t get a chance to think. You don’t have the freedom to think for yourself and implement your ideas you have been given some task, sit quietly and work from morning 10 am to evening 6 pm. Doesn’t matter if you have been shackled by an iron chain or a gold chain? A chain is a chain. It’s a blind well if you see this world from my point of view. Here everyone is falling deep into the dark no one is really rising up. It looks like people are rising. Instead, the more someone climbs up in this world, the deeper they are lost in the darkness.

Currently, people are using the money to fulfill their desires and in pursuit of these desires, they are becoming lowly. The moment someone fulfills your lowly desires for which you need less money then you will even agree to do slavery of that person. “Work 15 hours a day. The work which you don’t like. Will you do?” “Yes, I will do. This is fulfilling my desires.” This is dangerous that we think of work as a means to make money. Now you are distracted from work and your focus is on the money. Desires of money and material things are all a trap. As we look closely and understand how things are happening in the world. We need to take a pause and ask ourselves “For what purpose, all of this is being done?” for money right?

Is there only one way to earn money like people are running madly in the rat race? Is there no other way? What can be the other way round to make money? That you do something, something different or anything at all that you can do the one who breaks out of the rat race conditioning can do anything. From that point, you will start seeing ways to do things on your own. On one hand is the mentality of the rich and on the other is the mentality of the poor. Whichever you thinking are like, you will become that. What is the thinking of that rich? They think there are many ways to earn money right and genuine ways to earn money are many. They are unlimited. One has to just open up to new ideas and new ways. One must believe that such paths exist then out of all the paths, you will figure out ones connect with your strengths and walks those paths and earn for yourselves. It’s no big deal. Presently, you are seeing millions of people who are walking like sheep in a herd. Later you will start seeing people around the world who are doing smart work. What is the meaning of a successful person? How does a successful person think? Being successful means a desire to make oneself strong from within a desire to grow one’s potential, a desire to make one’s product better, to make one’s service better, a desire to grow one’s personality and communication skills. Means if you are doing a business, then your desire must not be to make money from the business. But a good businessman (someone who understands his customers and their needs). This way, we will use money ourselves better.