Feed Your Mind With Success




The reasons We Fail

A successful person is a person who knows that the environment brings a lot of changes in his/her life and it is up to the person that how he/she is taking it into consideration. If one has taken it positively he will succeed or else he miss one opportunity but missing one opportunity will not make any impact because we have the courage to create one.

Let us learn some major causes why do we fail and their solution:

  1. Lack of Persistency.

People fail not because they are lacking knowledge or confidence to achieve a specific goal or task but because they quit with the fear of failure or society. Persistence is continuing a specific task again and again, but repeating the same task again over again, hoping that this time we will succeed too, will not make you much closer to your objective. If we glance at our previous unsuccessful efforts and try to understand our errors and eradicate those errors we can make our experience as our guide. And this guide or experience helps us maintaining persistence.

  1. Lack of Conviction.

People who lack conviction can take the middle one step by taking risks, what happen if we opt taking risk we move on a path no one knows about. On this same path either we can create history or we lose getting knowledge. Lacking knowledge directly means lacking confidence and courage, but we accept this challenge to make yourself strong. We need to decide what is strong whether to fight with yourself or accept our defeat without trying our best.

You just need to change your perception to realize and justify yourself whether you are correct or not. Only winners analyze their thought process and start building a new one if it goes wrong as they realize and work to achieve their goals, on the other hand, a looser prepares a list why he cannot. We just need to observe each and every perspective and work accordingly.

  1. Dismissal of Past Mistakes.

We people need to live and learn, learn from our past experience. Failure is our teacher if we have the right attitude. People who know the value of success will learn from their mistake, your mistakes only give you experience but if you know how to learn from your mistakes. Before looking for the solution first glance at the problem because the solution is in your problem. Your problem is never too big to understand you make it big and think of it goes impossible but it is never so you need to look at it and need to realize the overcause and the solution because everything which happens will teach you a lesson and it is up to you that how you are going to take it.

  1. Lack of Discipline.

Glance at the leaders first had they accomplished their desires without discipline. We need to learn what is discipline it is self-control, sacrifice and the foremost part moving ahead avoiding distractions. We need to stay focused and concentrated on a specific task.

We all have our point of view towards success we ourselves imagine that how it looks like but we never realize that how it feels when we got closer. we just need to be clear with our goal and stay concentrated towards it.

  1. Poor Self-Esteem.

It is lacking self-respect and self-confidence. When we lack self-confidence we are unable to find our self that is somehow we have lost our spirit which is our creativity. Then the question arises is how can we improve our self-esteem? Or how can we make it better? Simply we need to grow like a person we want to be like and the main thing is that we need to concentrate on our goals rather than distractions because these distractions could not make it possible for us to attain the specific goal.

  1. Fatalistic Attitude.

A fatalistic state of mind keeps individuals from tolerating duty for their position throughout everyday life. They credit achievement and inability to luckiness. They leave themselves to their Fate, paying little mind to their endeavors that whatever needs to happen will happen in any case.

Look in the mirror each day and say, I am in control. You won’t not have control over each period of your life, yet you have more control than you understand, and you are in charge of your own joy and achievement..”

  1. Lack of self-discipline

Success requires discipline, here discipline means self-control, by avoiding distraction. Distractions are the major cause we lack everything we want to achieve. We need to understand first what are distractions, distraction is everything making us distract from our goal like demanding for more without efforts, thinking and dreaming for after results without working for it. We need to perform each and every task according to time that is with the help of time-table it makes our work more effective. If we work with discipline we can achieve our goal with better efficiency.

  1. Excuses

If you blame others for your own mistake and problems, you are destined to failure. We need not to afraid of failure, we need not to give excuses. We need to find a way or a reason why we can do it helps us in facing challenges. Successful people do not give excuses but they find a reason why they can do this work better than others. And if we compare it to other people he has his own list of excuses that why he cannot.