Feed Your Mind With Success





Daily before you go to bed ask yourself what I have learned today. Slowly this will become a habit of what I am learning now. One is what I learned today and second is what I am learning now, what I am learning at this moment. Sitting in a metro going somewhere but am I learning something, slowly if you can turn this into a habit then you can learn something even from yourself if you can observe yourself that how your body, how your mind works so it means that you have understood all about humanity because every person’s mind and body work like same there is no different in the working of different bodies. So when your mind distracts observe yourself, we care what is going on in the outside world, towards things, towards people. For a while slowly change your habit and start observing yourself look that how our mind rush towards attraction and to overcome from attraction is neither easy nor difficult we do not know what to do by this we kill time. We think before using Facebook that I will use it for 5 minutes and cannot observe that we waste 5 hours, 5 useful hours in the same. Without self-control you can be successful in the outside world that is you can earn money but after that can you be happy, satisfied with your life. Do you understand contentment; you know what ambition is, if you get this thing then this can happen! This is ambition, Then what is contentment? Contentment means that I am putting 100% of mine that is I am putting 100% of myself and after that hard work whatever be the result doesn’t matter, this is freedom, this is contentment that I am not lazy contentment is not synonyms with laziness It means I am constantly doing something, constantly learning something, constantly becoming better and better and better and better.

What I am what I am becoming I am happy with that I am happy completely, if something wrong happens then also I am happy because I am learning something from what wrong happens. My motive is not earning, my motive is learning. If something very bad happens in my life then I am not sitting in the corner of a room and crying like people do, if something good happens to them they use to happy and if something bad happens they start crying that don’t know what had happened. Good means what, definition of a good thing differs person to person what I want if that happens then I am happy and if that doesn’t happen then I am sad, then you will always be sad because what you want that never happens in some 90% of chances it means you will be sad in 9/10 days this is not the good way of living this means they do not understand what life is. The joyful thing is to stay happy 10/10, 24 hours in a day happy, if something unwanted happens even then happy, if something good happens then happy, if something like sorrow happens even happy because you can learn from it, you can learn a lot from pain. You get to know about your strength in pain. If you can lead a life like this then there will be a joy of living life