Feed Your Mind With Success





There was a 7 years old boy, he promised himself to be a good man. He wants to do something, he doesn’t know what, but a good thing and I still remember it that I have promised him that I will fulfill his wish. Remember the promise you made to yourself when you was a child when you was free when you don’t know what you have to become, at that time there was no word like fear in your dictionary, at that time you promised yourself that one day I will be a very successful man.

Or you was very poor in your childhood or you was from a middle-class background at that time you might have promised yourself to be a millionaire, set up a billion dollar company, or you have listened to an ideal person and your heart have told you that one day I will be presenting myself as same as he is presenting himself. Remember that you must have a dream like this but as we people grow our culture and tradition put a virus in our mind.

Virus of fear like only medial and engineering are the best professions artist people only beg, business is not a joke you cannot do it, Einstein is only one of a kind you cannot be like him and you have also fixed the same in  your mind and start doing what they asked you to and you did not do what you want to do that child wants to talk to you he consistently tells you that you are not here to do these operations you are special but you don’t listen to him he was consistently telling you don’t be afraid, it is the time to fulfill your dreams, it is the time to live your dreams but you did not listen to the child because you was busy in following rules you was busy in scrolling facebook feeds and in this busy schedule you break that promise to that boy.
Do whatever you want to but never break the promise of this small boy because it is not only a small boy it is your confidence, it is your self-esteem, it is your happiness, it is your energy, it is your light, it is your power, it is your spark to make your life excited. You know what happens If you break that promise then you cannot be happier you will not be like the one you want to be.

You can never live your life in the way you want to be. You can always do whatever you do but you cannot extract that happiness from it. It’s an advice to go to that small boy and regret him and tell him that what mistake you did you want to improve it. And will become a man you want to be like.

Once you decided that you can do it you will do it, even you don’t know how but the spirit inside you make you do this and if there would be any dream any achievement you want to achieve it will not be impossible for you and then you can make what you called as impossible possible for you.

You need to listen only to a single person that is you by itself, if you need to have an expert advice then you can to an expert that is you take your own advice. There is no one in this universe better than you, you are the only person who can achieve this goal. You need not to follow a way created by others but need to move towards your goals by making your way out.