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How to Study Smart



How to Study Smart


Ways to Learn Faster

We all want to get an ‘A’ grade or good marks in our academics but we forget that we need to improve our basic knowledge or skills as well. Let’s study smart while consideration our basic knowledge along.

  1. Study multiple subjects each day, rather than focusing on just one or two subjects.

It’s more effective to study multiple subjects each day than to deep-dive into one or two subjects. Because you’re likely to confuse similar information if you study a lot of the same subject in one day.

So to think about brilliant, spread out your study time for each subject. In this manner, your mind will have more time to unite your learning.

  1. Review your learning periodically, instead of cramming.

Periodic reviews are essential if you want to learn more for more much time.

Make your timetable that you need to take this topic today learn that topic by the same day and update/review the same topic day after tomorrow.

  1. Don’t multitask.

Multitasking makes you less productive and distracted. The investigations even demonstrate that individuals who claim to be great at multitasking aren’t, in reality, preferable to it over the normal individual.

  1. Improve concentration 

  • Turn off notifications of your phone
  • Put your mobile phone away from yourself
  • Log out from all messaging programs like Facebook and WhatsApp
  • Clear your study table and make it neat and clean
  1. Learn things by connecting it with examples

You need to learn by connecting the topic with some examples. Like if you are learning about density then relate it with oil and water as they are fluid and have different densities. Relate it with an example in which oil floats over water.

Relating to examples takes less time to learn and you can remember the same for a long period of time with fewer efforts.

  1. Readout loudly.

Students who learn their subjects loudly are more responsive to the answers than those who don’t. Start learning loudly as it can boost your learning power and you will not feel sleepy, your attitude will also change.

  1. Take regular study breaks.

It is not a good idea to work long in your campaign without taking rest. As it will affect your mental consciousness and you cannot do/perform well that is you can not respond well while learning.

You will forget the previous topic while learning the new one.

It is better to take 5-10 minutes after an hour of study at will refresh your mind and you can perform better than before.

  1. Focus on the process, not the outcome.

Keep your focus on what you are doing right now and not on the outcome because while considering the outcome you can distract yourself from your goal.

We need to put input without considering the output, our output can be positive or negative but we always need to put our best.

  1. Sleep at least eight hours a night, and don’t pull all-nighters.

We need to sleep at least 8 hours a day. In examination time we have a lot of work to do and we people do not want to waste our time and for this, we skip/reduce our time of sleep. I say this is not a better idea because sleep makes you relax from your whole day deeds. Sleep also helps you to memorize what you have learned, it enriches your power to learn something for a long period of time.