Feed Your Mind With Success





Anger is a cruel attitude towards any person or thing. Anger would not help us making anything easier for us but on contrary, it spoils everything.

We need to understand what is anger “ It is a state when you feel that you can overpower other individuals by shouting on him” when anger goes to its peak you cannot even listen to what your mind is asking you to do instead you do everything wrong and after that would not admit your mistake. At that time you lose all you control from yourself and at that time you are under control of your anger which makes everything goes wrong.

We go angry when our wills our wishes are not fulfilled. At that time we started thinking that what had happened was not fair and then we start shouting on everyone another reason is when we feel that no one is listening to what we are trying to say or when we cannot express ourself we get irritated and get angry.

Each and every time we want to have something, that is we have a lot of wills and wishes, we want that all our wills will be fulfilled by hook or crook and if not then we get frustrated and angry.

We are not asking anyone to stop anger it is an energy and we cannot stop energy coming out. But what we are saying is that turn this energy into positive working this will help you a lot.

Take anger as your motivation as you learn how to be patient while you are frustrated.

You think that you are short tempered but it is not so, you make yourself short tempered by recalling again and the same that I get angry, I am a short-tempered guy, what this makes is this recalling will make you do anger on everyone and make you short-tempered. You also get angry when you feel that the guy in front of you is junior to you, or what he can do with me let’s put all my frustration and anger on him.

Anger will not come to you and ask you to get angry but you get angry, when you feel that it is the right time to get angry what I really mean to say is that the time when you know that no one has a superpower to argue with you when you go angry you do not go angry in front of your boss because you know if you show your anger in front of your boss he will fire you from the office. It is totally up to us that why do we get angry, we know that we can control our anger but we get angry over little things we need to understand that anger is not the solution to any problem we need to control it by our own.

Simply anger is what makes our relations weak, it can break 10 years old relationship into seconds whether the relation of friends, relatives. Simply anger has no benefits it can only harm our self from beneath. So let’s decide today not to go angry in any condition.

You might be thinking that why we are telling you the facts you know previously. We are repeatedly telling you the same because we know all such things but never noticed why this stage of anger comes to you.  Would that happen with our consultants or not.