In this world, nothing is easy nor difficult everything depends upon belief.

The one who believes that it is difficult for him, it is difficult and for the one who believes that it is easy for him, for him everything is easy.

Your fortune is only in your hands, completely in your hands and not in any another person’s hand.

So, do not let the pen of your life into another person’s hand.

Karma is of three types

One is what we do PHYSICALLY what we think karma is, what we simply say is hard work.

That karma is not at all important, it doesn’t even matter, means if you ask the percentage of this KARMA out of 100 it is only 1% I say.

Second KARMA is what we SAY.

And the third KARMA is what we THINK. It is actually a real KARMA.

Simply if a man doesn’t think well so can he speak well.

And so the one who doesn’t think and speak well then what he actually does physically.

So all the KARMA what we are talking about is here, and what are these KARMA according to a level of thinking.

The one who is having his thinking skills in the right direction, then is obvious that his life will go in the perfect direction the man will definitely get the fruit of life.

If you are demanding for something says fruits of life and asking GOD to give me this, I want marks, want to have growth in my business demands everything and do not do KARMA in the right direction then you will never get it.

And on the other side do not demand anything and do KARMA in right direction then you will actually get what you have never ever imagined.

Tell yourself a lie till the time you become something in your life.

If he can do, this person can do, he did it as well then why I can’t.

If I will then I can.

If you are doing a business and you by yourself are not excited with your business then how can you expect another person to be excited for it.

Ok leaving business if you are in a job and you are a team leader, if you are not excited with your work then how can you say that the members with me are not inspired, they are not doing anything worthwhile.

If you have an extraordinary energy then you can transfer your energy into others, into your team members.

Say it to yourself “WHY NOT” if he can do it then why I cannot do.

In a class if there are 50 students, teacher and parents, everyone is saying them to study, to concentrate but why anyone is not telling us how to concentrate.

To concentrate,

First, we need to glance at the points where our mind is distracted

And then we need to recollect it and this is an art by itself.

The man who gets this art can anytime, anywhere, for how much long can concentrate on anything he wants.

Can you please close your eyes?

So the situation is in every person’s life there is one dream and he is living to fulfill his dream.

And that dream is in his/her mind that if this comes true then it will be great fun.

In your life it can be anything, it might be that you have dreamed for a world tour.

It might also be that it will be a very small dream, that you have your own house of 1 room or 2 rooms don’t matter.

It can be that I have my own business where I will be sitting in a cabin and there is a team and I run this business.

So whatever be your dream try to remember it and imagine yourself in this situation that if you have a dream of world tour so imagine yourself in New York with your family and you all are having great fun altogether.

If it is business then imagine that you are sitting in a chair where you have your team around you and you are taking a meeting making future plans for your business.

You need to understand one thing as well that the power which can make it true whether if you call it as god belief or energy is glancing you this time.

So now after opening your eyes people among you who will celebrate this as an event with their heart they have their dream come true and those who will not celebrate it cannot make it fulfill.

Because you are celebrating it, it will automatically come true and if you make it as a habit then definitely you are making it possibly complete for you.

So now you can open your eyes and celebrate.

Do not ever let this happiness die.

I want you people to be happy till the time you are here in this world whether it be 150 to 200 years.

Stay happy in all situations leaving what is happening in this outside world.

One is you are applying energy from inside.

And another is that energy is coming from inside by itself.

Both these sentences are different if you can observe.

What you are saying and thinking inside you 24*7 that same happens to you because you have all that type of actions and energy.

See what is there in life is, you do something good or not it is not so important because there is no proper definition of what is actually right or what is wrong.

What important is that whatever decisions you are taking you are taking them all by yourself.

If mistake then it is mine and done right then I did.

Stand in front of a mirror and say I am the greatest man EVER born on this planet.

Understand the meaning of ever.

Do every work either it be small or big and do not do it for something, that I get this after doing this particular work and then I will be happy, do work and with happiness and power.

Means stay happy every time and express your feeling with the means of your work.

What the experience of my life says that till the time we do not get something, till the time the game of success begins, till that time we think that if this happens then also it is good.

And once the game of success begins then we get a lot, lot that we can never ever imagine it in our dreams.

We cannot even get that from where it is coming, only our karma needs to be in the right direction.

It a man can focus at one point at his will for how long, then what is the thing he cannot do.

What is the difference between all of us?

Someone has low awareness level someone has high awareness level and someone has this at peaks.

For the man having great awareness level he has maximum possibilities, he can be successful in anything he wants.

Most of the people think that if something wrong happens with them then this is because of their wrong karma and if something good happens to them then it is because of their good karma.

If you have any motive, greed behind any work it is karma. And at work where you do not have any intention, which you do accidently that is not karma

Karma that is making you strong from inside is good karma and the karma that is making you week from inside is not a good karma

Everything a human mind cannot understand is miracle, everything that is outbound of science is miracle, while in reality there is nothing lie miracle

If you want to make your mind stronger than you have to make this thing in your mind

Remove your spectacles and face the world as it is

I have some hidden powers, it might that even I don’t know, I haven’t discovered it yet but I have, no doubt

No one is week from anybody in this world

It is not that important that what you are speaking to, or what you are pretending to, that I am going to do this or this

I am going to make impossible possible, it is not important

There are two places where you can put your mind

The whole game is of our mind first we have to understand that

Physical karma doesn’t matter what matters is what we think and what we do

Then only miracles start happening

Then something extraordinary started happening, then history is created

Then something happens for which success is a small word

What you have decided, do it what to think man.

“If you cannot change your mind, Then you are not using it”



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