FOCUS! What is FOCUS? And What is it for?

How can you actually use this?

Can we achieve something from it?

Why do we need to have focus? What is it, Is it an energy or power?

What miracles focus can do?

Does it have that much power that it can take us to the peak point?

Is it true for matching our expectation into career or reality?

The answer is Yes, a big YES. It can do all that you want.

BUT that’s not all…….

The question arises is. In spite of that much distractions. If you want to focus on today. How can you?

How to do in today? If you learn how to focus on today. Then you can create wonders.

Or if you observe how others are focusing on today. Then you can do anything. You can make impossible possible.

And to make impossible possible. You must turn fictitious things into reality.

You have to turn yourself in the one you ever dreamed to.

But how does it happen??

It has only 2 ways out.

First thing is to change the external environment.

What’s the real story behind changing the external environment?

Consider what an athlete or a sports person do. If he/she wants to win a gold medal.

Then do they people sit in their home? Or do they go for a movie have popcorn or dinner outside, enjoy with their family?

What will they do?

And the truth is, they will spend their maximum time in the stadium. Where there are other people struggling for the same.

After that either if they want to distract their mind they cannot. Because their every person is same, and they have turned their surrounding as such.

Or consider one more example that you have your exams near by and you want to score good marks (even scoring good marks does not matter until you do not learn something new but for now we are taking it as an example).

What you people will do?

Do you go for night outs? Have party with friends or what will you do.

You will go into a vacant room to study or else create an atmosphere for yourself where you can study.

And if it is not possible at home you will go to library because at the end of the day you have to secure good marks.

And in library you can focus on your studies which is your primary objective, either if you want to distract your mind you cannot.

Because the atmosphere is as such.

This is one way by which we change our external environment.

That leaves home, spent maximum time outside the home. But practically it is very difficult to change this.

That means your external environment. What it means is you will live in the same home you did. Where will you go? Leave home.NO!

The office in which you are working. You just keep on working there. So, what will you do?

You just change your internal environment. And this is the second step.

You have to change your internal environment. By which if there are Lakhs or Millions or distraction going around even then you will not get distracted.

And you know what we can change our internal environment to that extent that if there are millions of distractions going ahead we do not get distracted.

Got understood till that point. That somehow if we change our internal environment then our work is done. But then a question arises is HOW.

How to change your internal environment? This itself is a very big question.

It has some following three steps by which you can change it completely.

After following those steps you can change it to that much extent. That you will not get distracted by any such distraction in your surroundings.

Distraction may come and go doesn’t matter. But you can make your illusion into reality.

  • The first step is why to focus. Is there any need to focus or not. Sometimes there is no such need to focus and we keep on focusing. So why must be clear? Means whatever you want to do. Or the thing you are thinking about to focus on, that means on any of your illusion. You really want to do it or not. Is it your soul telling you to do the same? Or you have listened somewhere and then try to do the same. That means your Why must be clear. After focusing on why what comes next is.
  • Where and what to focus. This is a second very big question. Without clearing where to focus how can you work on your goals? Without setting your goals how can you work on it? For example, if you don’t know your destination how you can reach there. So, for this knowing where to focus is very important.

Go to any person who does not succeed in his life, what I mean is that go to a loser. He is having a list of items that for all these reasons I failed in my life.

On the basis of the list, he can convince anyone that these are the reasons why I fail.

But the question arises is how to convince yourself.

This means that he is telling the society that due to these reasons he failed, and internally he know that all is his fault.

And on the other hand, go to a person who succeeds in his life that means a winner.

He has thousands of reasons for not doing the work he wants to do. But along with this, he has a single reason that why he can achieve this goal.

And the result being is that he wins. Because his focus is not on the thousands of reasons which are letting him towards distraction.

But his focus is on one single reason that why he is better than others, why he can do it.

Our step one is why to focus, step two is where and what to focus and the third step is

  • How to focus after getting both previous points you find these things inside you that this is not a Rocket Science. What we have to focus upon. We have to focus on the things we have. We have to focus on our capabilities. Getting know what we can and what needs to be postponed depending on resources and capabilities. How to change our internal environment. To create a zone after going to it everything seems possible, everything finds easy. And then everything happens one after another by itself. And this zone will get that much stronger that you break each and every stone which comes in front of you, in between your path. You will receive a momentum and move in fluency facing all problems comes across.

After all these steps followed if there are thousands or lakhs of people stand in front of you and say this is impossible.

You kick all then and say this is possible. I can and I will do this. At any cost, I will.

This is the better wayfinding to your dreams.

I have told you exactly what to do that means the same process to it.

You just need to find an illusion and have to focus on that illusion.

And the time when you get an image ready in your mind that this can be done only then start doing it. And you will do it.

You will do it.

“Focus on the possibilities for success, not on the potential for failure.”

: -Napoleon Hill


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