To become unstoppable, to become an achiever you must break two walls.

First one is made up of another’s person’s voice and second is your own voice.

I think the second one is the greater one.

Only you have to do it.

But the question arises is, why you do not do? Why?

Somewhere subconsciously and unconsciously it is in our mind that we have not to do this.

I did something in my past but I cannot do it.

I tried so many times but I cannot do.

I feel that I cannot fix myself into this category.

And rather than this what you need to say to yourself is.

First, I can do it.

Second, I will try to do it, I will fail, and even then I will try because I want to become an achiever.

Do not say it that I will not fail there is a trap because if you say this you exclude yourself from the reality.

Because in reality success and failure are not in your hand.

When you go in search of honey you must expect to be stung by bees.

If you will not fail, there will be no problems in from of you, then how can you learn more, how can you be an achiever.

Make mistakes, take chances, be silly, be imperfect, trust yourself and follow your heart.

You have to keep this thing in your mind that who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.

What do you think if I decide to do one thing then, will I not fail?

Decided to do something, go out of the track, face failure, after then I never tell to myself that I have to do this and I will not fail because success and failure are not in my hand there are a lot of factors, lots and lots of factors.

Achievers do not play that they get it done! Simple.

Be the kind of person you want to meet, be an achiever you want to become.

If we really want to become an achiever then we have to change our thinking skills accordingly.

To become an achiever we have to see this world from their point of view.

We people need to change our perspective.

You want success, you want to be an achiever go and get it.

Achievers cannot be made out from the comfort zone, to become an achiever you need to do the smart word.

You need to do work first because we are not ready to do anything and want everything to be served into our bowl. That’s now possible and if you are thinking this you are making yourself a fool.

We have to open our eyes to see what is good for us and what not.

See, what happens is we just decide to do something, not even started just thinking to do something.

And therecomes four persons to stop us and start doing different types of talks that you cannot do this, this is a very impractical idea.

When no one else can do this then how can you.

Now the question arises is, what to do in this situation?

In this the people who are demotivating you, neither you can shut their mouth nor you can shut your ears.

Because they are not the road walkers they are your friends, relatives, and family members.

So I cannot tell you what to do in this kind of situation.

But I can tell you what I do in this kind of situation.

The time anyone says to me that this cannot happen or you cannot do this.

I just keep silent and do not fight with them.

And very politely I just ask a simple question in one word.

Just a single word.


Why cannot I do this? Why this cannot happen?

And the time I do this trick I have some fun.

90% of the people you meet do have an answer to this “why?” and now there remains 10% who are having an answer to this question.

A genuine reason they just do not tell you that you cannot do this, but they will tell you that why they are saying this.

And the time I find any person like this, I sat with them peacefully and listen to what they say and then try to find the solution alone in a peacefully place.

And say thanks to that person with my heart because indirectly these people are helping us to move further.

But this doesn’t mean that I take the talks of those 10% people very seriously and if I do not find the solution to that one problem then I stop.

If I do not have an answer that doesn’t mean that I stop moving.

For example, if we think that the time when allthe traffic lights are green then only I will start from home. In this situation, can we ever get out from home? Think it out.

Hard work is a wrong word first of all we need to have willpower.

Hard work means we do not need to break stones we need to make our will power strong from inside.

So now the time you try to do something correct, you will fall a lot of times.

Problems may come but repeatedly what you need to say is I have infinite powers.

I am different.

Because if you cannot say this then you cannot be different from others, you cannot do what no one else is doing.

You simply need to recall this because you want to be an achiever, and not everyone is an achiever.

It is very simple that you have to recall that I have infinite powers.

If I decide one thing then I can do this no one can stop me, no power can stop me.

But the problem is that I do not decide.

You need to say this truth to yourself as well because overall you set limitations for yourself by your own.

I know that I can do this.

I know that I can be an achiever.

I know that I am a winner. But,

The time when you feel demotivated or you feel stress.

You need to recall all your positive achievements to yourself.

It might that you are having a very good voice, you are excellent in sports or anything.

Make it remember to yourself that if I can do this and this then why I cannot do this?

I can do this will fail a lot more times but even I can.

I can be at it.

Understand the psychology, the actual working of this mind.

What you are doing when you are glancing yourself to fail 20 times and making yourself a fail person and if you are making your 21st time a winning moment then make it a bigger one.

What is the definition of action in your terms that if I do a little bit, inspiration can come from anywhere rather fromthe book or inside you or anywhere.

If you change even a little bit in yourself, make your life better then what it was yesterday then tell yourself positive, appreciate yourself for your achievement. Eventually, this is a step of being an Achiever.

You also need to learn to appreciate yourself if you do anything worth it.

And if for a person every occupation is equal that means no occupation is menial and no one is like high profile he can do anything.

This is a very big statement worth remembering.

And if you decide that I cannot, then you can never, because then you feel fear doing it.

Do something small and do big celebrations.

Link small achievements to big celebrations then your habit will be so.

And you will become an achiever, a better achiever.

Now you know how to be an achiever.

You cannot become an achiever if you do everything correct or there will be no distractions in your mind.

People think that they will be successful only when there will be no distractions in their mind, they will never fail, or they do not do anything wrong.

Achievers do everything, successful people do all type of wrong work, wrong work more then you but they give importance to what is correct.

The day when you do not feel what the society will say, that day you will break your first wall.

Then no one have the courage to let you down.

But one person can that is you and this is the second wall.




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